The Purpose

This game was created for a Health Campaign centered around HPV awareness for a University of Houston Downtown class project. It originated as a rather indignant response to critique to 'differentiate' the author's initially planned project, a 500 word speech.

Eventually, the attempt to differentiate veered into refuge in audacity, making an anthropomorphized villain out of HPV for the sake of something to pit the player against. When a successful android phone prototype was created, (to much insane, maniacal laughter on the part of the creator) the next step for the sake of the campaign was to attempt to reach as large an audience as possible. Hence, exports of the RMMV game to its natural desktop format and this HTML based game were made.

Chances are you reached this via a QR code. Isn't technology grand?

If you've taken the time to read this, then get yourself vaccinated. HPV is not a random drop you want to get from any encounter. Let me give you my personal assurance- the money you spend getting vaccinated will be insignificant to what you might pay for treatment of HPV related cancers.

HPV is Rated E For Everyone. Level up your immune system.

-Robert Crosby


Team A, "HPV: Rated 'E' For Everyone":

Ruth Tovar

Breatize Tapia

Irene Nunez

Felix Honeyfield

Koraima Denerville

Robert Crosby

Fall of 2017

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